Combination Alarms

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Kidde KN-COSM-IBA Hardwire Interconnectable Combination Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarm

  • Hard-Wired Combination Smoke and CO Alarm with Battery Back-Up
  • Voice Warning - Warns of hazard by announcing Fire! or Warning, Carbon Monoxide.
  • Front load battery for easy replacement
  • 10 year alarm life, 10 year warranty ” alarm lasts 40% longer!
  • End of Life Hush®
  • Intelligent Sensor Technology added ” reduces nuisance alarms
  • Similar design to i4618 Smoke Alarm for uniform aesthetics across installations requiring both Smoke and Combo Alarms
  • Test/Reset Button
  • UL 2034 & 217 Listed
  • Battery Safeguard
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Includes 2AA batteries

Kidde SLED177i Hardwire Strobe Light for the Hearing Impaired, Interconnectable

  • Provides a bright visual signal to warn of a smoke heat or CO hazard
  • Benefits the hearing impaired allowing a visual alert of a danger
  • Includes a tamper resist pin that helps to deter theft and tampering
  • Quick connect power harness makes installation fast and easy
  • Meets the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent facility that tests products for compliance with widely-accepted safety standards

Kidde KN-COSM-BA Battery-Operated Combination Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm with Talking Alarm

  • Voice Alarm - Announces the hazard type detected thereby helping to speed up the correct reaction to the hazard detected. Alarm announces Fire Fire when a smoke or fire hazard is detected and announces Warning Carbon Monoxide when a CO hazard is detected.
  • Combined Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm A single unit can be installed where previously, two were needed. Reduces installation time and helps to keep home d©cor attractive.
  • Test/Reset Button Tests alarm circuitry and triggers the voice announcement.
  • LEDs Two LEDs are provided. Flashing green for normal operation and flashing red for alarm condition.
  • Low Battery Warning The unit warns of a low battery condition by announcing low battery and by initiating an alarm chirp and activating a flashing red LED.
  • Battery Safeguard  The battery door will not close unless the batteries are properly installed
  • Battery Powered Provides protection even during power outages when many fire and carbon monoxide incidents occur.
  • Hush® Feature Temporarily silences nuisance alarms.

    * Residents of the below cities or states - Please Note: This Alarm is Not Compliant with your state's 10-Year Sealed Battery Alarm Legislation Requirements: Oregon, California, Louisiana, North Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, New York, Wisconsin, Phoenix-Arizona, Philadelphia-Pennsylvania, Louisville-Kentucky, Indianapolis/Marion County, Indiana.